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The Ancient Art of Pulse and Urine Diagnosis
Code : b22
Name : The Ancient Art of Pulse and Urine Diagnosis
Price : $18.00
This book is published by Dr. Wangdue, Men Tsee Khang, Tibetan Medical & Astro. college, Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala, H.P INDIA

No. of Pages: 167

Paperback, Inside Art Paper

Contents of this Book
General Introduction of Diagnosis Techniques in Traditional Tibetan Medicine
1) Pulse reading
-Preliminary Instructions on Dietary & Lifestyle
-An appropriate Time for Pulse reading
-The Right place for the pulse reading
-Moderate finger pressure
-Method of Pulse reading
-The three consitiutional pulses of a Healthy Person
-Seasonal Pulse in Relation to the Five Elements
-Seven Wondrous Pulse Reading
-Determining the Healthy and Unhealthy Pulses
-General and Specific Pulse Reading
-Examining the Death Pulse
-The Diagnosis of Evil Spirit Pulses
-Examining the Life-Soul Pulse

2) Urine Analysis
-Preliminary Conditions for Urinalysis
-Appropriate Time for Urinalysis
-The container used for Urinalysis
-The Process of Urine Formation
-the urine of a Healthy Person
-Urine of an Unhealthy Person
a) General Urine Analysis
b) Specific Urine Analysis
-Urine Indicative of Impending Death
-Urine Indicating Evil Spirit Influences
-Additional Diagnostic Methods for Children
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