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Code : B2
Name : The Root Tantra & Explanatory Tantra
Price : $37.00
The book ´┐ŻBasic Tantra and The Explanatory Tantra´┐Ż published by Men-Tsee-Khang, is the translation of first two treaties of Rtsa-rgyud (The Root Treaties) and Bshad-rgyud (The Explanatory Treaties) in a bi-lingual (Tibetan and English) format.

The Basic Tantra presents an overview of the essence of Tibetan medicine. In six chapters, it clearly outlines the basic principles of health and diseases as well as methods of diagnosis and therapeutics approaches.

The Explanatory Tantra addresses the theoretical foundation of Tibetan medical science in an in-depth, detailed and systematic manner. It begins with a description of the formation of the human body as it relates to the theory of the Five elements followed by a description of the anatomical structure, physiological characteristics, and the final disintegration of the function of human body.

The second section contains a detailed explanation on the causes and conditions, locations, characteristics, signs and symptoms and the classification of disorders.

Thus the translation will help the English-speaking medical world to understand the knowledge of two treaties of Rtsa-rgyud (The Root Treaties) and Bshad-rgyud (The Explanatory Treaties).
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