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The Oral Instruction Tantra
Code : B 20
Name : The Oral Instruction Tantra
Price : $40.00
An aged-old tradition which is based on a set of established theories;most admirably written through a series of 5900 verses; so intricately interwoven with a yarn of metaphors and similes; reflecting the wisdom of one of the world's oldest and untouched civilization, is today,revealed to the world to be cherished and appreciated by every single citizen of this planet.

Tibetan medicine is an art because it shows how to live a life skillfully. Tibetan Medicine is a science too, as it can be empirically proven through debate and practical application.Tibetan medicine can also be claimed to be a philosophy, on the ground that it shares a deep connection with buddhist philosophy. Tibetan medicine is the ultimate solution in answering to many present-day crisis of psychological and psychosomatic problems, as this system is an integrated science.

This multi-faceted wisdom, which comes in a single pack, is called "Gyueshi," the fundamental text of Tibetan Medicine. Gyueshhi contain four tantras, Namely Tsa Gyue(The Root Tantra), shae Gyue(The Explanatory Tantra), Man Ngag Gyue(The Oral Instruction Tantra) and Chima Gyue(The Subsequent Tantra). The former two tantras encompass the foundation on which the entire principles of Tibetan Medicine rest. The latter two tantras elaborate more on the classification of disorders, as well as in practical application of diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of Tibetan Medicine.

This edition on the translation of The Oral Instruction Tantra is a testimony of Tibetan Peoples's sincerity in sharing their wisdom with others and in undertaking the responsibility to provide health to all human beings.
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