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1st Body, Mind and Life Conference book
Code : B38
Name : 1st Body, Mind and Life Conference book
Price : $7.85
ISBN: 978-93-83086-06-1
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Men-Tsee-Khang

From June 26 – 28, 2013 saw the confluence of scholars from four different perspectives; Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan Astrology & Astronomy and Modern Science for the 1st Body, Mind & Life Conference. It was the first time that such a programme was initiated by the Institute where Western and Tibetan scholars had open discussions and dialogue on the same platform.
Dr. Arun Kapur, Executive Director, Vasant Valley School and a well known educationist in India graced the inaugural function of the conference as the chief guest. During the conference, discussions from four different perspectives: Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan Astrology & Astronomy and Modern Science were presented on five main topics:

1. General Concept of Body, Mind and Life
2. Seeds of Body, Mind and Life
3. Relationship between Body, Mind and Life
4. Factors Responsible for the Disturbance of the Body, Mind and Life
5. Maintaining and Restoring Healthy Body, Mind and Life

Dr. Arun Kapoor, the chief guest of the conference said that such conferences are not only a perfect platform to address the burning issues of how we can better understand ourselves, but essential in understanding our individual nature, human nature, and equipping tools required to restore a sense of truth, honour, and respect in a society and world filled with ethical degradation.
There were around 300 health professionals, experts, educationists and specialists who joined the conference including Indians, Westerners and Tibetans.

The speakers for modern science were:
1. Dr. Charles Rasion, M.D. associate professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Arizona, USA
2. Dr. James S. Gordon, M.D., founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Center, Washington, USA
3. Dr. Joan Borysenko, Ph.D founding partner of Mind Body Health Sciences, LLC, Boulder, Colorado, USA
4. Dr. Terry V. Eagan, MD, assistant clinical prof. Dept. of Psychiarty and behavioural Sciences (USC) University of Southern California, USA

Speakers of Tibetan Medicine and Astro-Science:
1. Dr. Rakdho Lobsang Tenzin, Dean of Sorig Department, of CUTS (Central University of Tibetan Studies) Sarnath, India
2. Mr. Tashi Tsering, Associate Prof. Astro. Department, CUTS (Central University of Tibetan Studies) Sarnath, India
3. Dr. Thupten Gyaltsen (CMO Mundgod clinic, TMAI), Dharamsala, India
4. Dr. Tenpa Chophel (Principal, College, TMAI), Dharamsala, India
5. Dr. Sonam Rinchen (Mentsipa, College, TMAI), Dharamsala, India
6. Dr. Pema Dorjee (former visiting physician to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, TMAI), Delhi, India
7. Dr. Tsewang Tamdin (Visiting physician to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and chairman of High Level Medical & Astro. Council, TMAI) Dharamsala, India
8. Mrs. Tsering Choezom (Head of Astrology Dept., TMAI), Dharamsala, India
9. Mr. Tenzin Nyendak (Astrology Dept., TMAI) Dharamsala, India

Speakers of Buddhist Philosophy:
1. Ven. Sherab Lhundup (Bon Menriling Monastery, Solan), Shimla, India
2. Ven.Geshe Lharampa Lobsang Khechok (Drepung Gomang), Karnataka, India
3. Ven. Geshe Lharampa Ngawang Sangye (Drepung Loseling), Karnataka, India
4. Ven. Geshe Lharmapa Iesa Drungchen Rinpoche (Gaden Jangtse), Karnataka, India
5. Ven. Tashi Lhamo (Dolmaling nunnery), Dharamsala, India
6. Ven. Geshe Lhakdor (Director, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives), Dharamsala, India

The 1st Body, Mind and Life Conference successfully concluded on 28 June, 2013. Sikyong Lobsang Sangay addressed the occasion of the closing ceremony and congratulated the success of the 3 days of Body, Mind and Life Conference. Mr. Suyodh P. Rao said that it was a humbling experience. He said that it was a very enlightening three days and he learnt a lot. He mentioned that Tibetan Medicine has so much to offer, the evolution of which took place over the centuries. Mr. Benoid Petit mentioned that great scholars and practitioners in Western and Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Buddhist philosophers coming together was a holistic approach and is grateful to Men-Tsee-Khang and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in organizing and initiating an excellent channel of research.
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