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rimsung rilbu
Code : R-1
Name : rimsung rilbu
Price : $3.00
• Nagpo Gujor Pill also known as Rimsung Rilbu: Protection Amulet.
• Nagpo Gujor is a traditional Tibetan method of protection against infectious diseases and epidemics.
• A mixture of Himalayan herbs and minerals harvested and hand picked in the Tibetan Highlands.
• Made according to ancient traditional recipes and empowered following Tibetan Buddhist principles.
• Prepared with care by renowned Tibetan physician doctors from Men Tsee Khang.
• Nagpo Gujor pills, energized through prayers and blessings, have the capacity to defend the body from infectious and endemic sicknesses.
• Nagpo Gujor is assembled with Nine different ingredient and 9 Vajra knots with powerful healing prayer.
• How to use: the pill should be worn by the touching the skin, as the heat of the body activates the ingredients and its smell. In the morning, and when needed, smell the pill 3x with each nostril. Do not take out of its fabric wrapping.
• The pill is use as a preventive measure and will not heal the diseases that are already manifest or in incubation.
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