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SORIG Incense small
Code : 303
Name : SORIG Incense small
Price : $4.94
Incense (gZimpoe): The practice of using Incense dates back to the 7th Century and encompasses knowlegde from ancient Tibetan Kings and great Indian Buddhist scholars. These formulas have been preserved and are still being used today for religious offerings, in meditation; for overall mental and physical well being or simply to purify and refresh rooms.Best used in the morning.

USES: Recommended for religious offering, meditation, protection against malevolent spirits and some communicable diseases. It can also be used as room-refreshner or for refreshing the senses. Especially it is recommended in the morning during meditation.

INGREDIENTS: Carthamus tinctorius, Rhododendron sp., Juniperus sp., Picrorhiza kurroa, Rosa sativus, Selinum wallichinum, Dracocephalum tanguticum, Artemisia sp., Santalum album.

Net Contents: 20 Sticks.
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