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Lung-Ta ( Single Roll of 5 colours)
Code : PF-4
Name : Lung-Ta ( Single Roll of 5 colours)
Price : $5.00

Lung-Ta, literally translated as Wind-Horse, is a traditional Tibetan prayer flag, which features a supreme horse of fortune in the centre, adorned by a tiger, a snow lion, a Garuda and a dragon on its four sides. These magnificent animals signify the four elements as Air, Wood, Earth, Fire and Water respectively. As the wind is all pervasive, it symbolizes the element of space. Prayer Flags are hoisted for the transformation of bad to good fortune. It carries the message of peace, compassion, power, wisdom and fulfillment of one�s wishes.
It may be hoisted at places such as on the roof of house, offices, rooms, trees, monasteries, and in vehicles. While disposing off the flags when it gets old and worn out, it should be kept at a clean place or simply burned.
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