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Sorig Kaem-Meen-Shonnu
Code : K1
Name : Sorig Kaem-Meen-Shonnu
Price : $15.56
SORIG KAEM-MEEN-SHONNU has been formulated in accordance with the Traditional Tibetan Medical Text. It is effective for healthy weight loss and slims a body, alleviates
swelling of body due to accumulation of impure blood & excessive bodily fluid and overcome tiredness and fatigue. It also assists digestion, and the smooth flow of body wastes.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE:It can be taken either in morning in an empty stomach or at evening. Take one sachet a day with lukewarm boiled water, if possible add a teaspoon of honey for better result.

INGREDIENTS: Rheum palmatum,Calcite, Terminalia chebula, Emblica officinalis, Embelia ribes,Clematis sp., and Honey.

CAUTION: Avoid over consumption of fatty and raw foods, sweets, and heavy meals. Refrain from taking nap after meals and sedentary lifestyle. This product is not recommended for anemic, children and pregnant women. Use with balance diet and exercise.

NET.WT. 1.59OZ(45G)
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