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SORIG Oog-Medaewae Menja(Tea for Respiratory problem)
Code : 221
Name : SORIG Oog-Medaewae Menja(Tea for Respiratory problem)
Price : $8.38
Oogmi-Daewae Menja is prepared according to Tibetan Science of healing. It contains natural herbs that helps to control cold, chest congestion, cough, breathlessness, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing and weak body.

Net Contents:- 10 Sachets of 2gms

1.Gentiana sp.,
2.Rhodiola sp.,
3.Selinium wallichianum
4.Cinnamomum zeylinicum
5.Syzygium aromaticum
6.Artemisia sp.,
7.Phlomis younghusbandii
8.Glycyrrhiza glabra
9.Amomum subulatum
10.Vitis vinifera
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