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  Products Name Products Price
SORIG Hair oil $10.50
SORIG Soothing Balm(Tube) $4.25
T.Igorek $63.00
Pig Sign Card $2.00
SORIG Healing Incense $7.50
SORIG sMensang/Incense powder $3.50
Detailed Horscope in English $105.00
Detailed Horoscope in Tibetan $85.00
THE SUBSEQUENT TANTRA - From the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine $37.00
SORIG Baby Massage Oil $9.50
Brief Horoscope in English $55.00
Marital Compatibility Chart $30.00
One Year Prediction $30.00
Medical Chart $30.00
Miscellaneous Calculation $42.00
Conversion of Date (Till year 2000) $10.00
General Amulut ordered from abroad $10.00
Special Amulut ordered from abroad $13.00
Translation of Detailed Horoscope into English $50.00
Translation of Detailed Horoscope into Tibetan $40.00
Snake Sign Card $2.00
CALENDAR 2017 (Fire bird year) $10.00
Monkey Sign Card $2.00
Tenzin Kunga la $147.00
Tibetan Almanac-2017(Fire Bird Year) $7.00
A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Astrology $15.90
Calendar Master Copy'2017 $323.00
Tiger Sign Card $2.00
MEN-NEE $11.50
MEN-CHIK $13.50
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