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If your order value is less than USD 25.00, you will be charged USD 10.00 as shipping charges. Otherwise shipping charges is free. If your order value is more than USD 100.00, you will be automatically given 20% discount. NEW PRODUCT: Arthritis Massage oil( Druum-Bue-Juknuum)2.54 fl. oz (75ml) PRICE: $9.00. THE PRICE OF SORIG HEALTH TONIC HAS BEEN INCREASED TO $19.50.

The Tibetan medical system is one of the world's oldest known medical traditions. It is an integral part of Tibetan culture and has been developed through many centuries. We believe that the origin of the Tibetan medical tradition is as old as civilization itself.

Because humankind has depended on nature for sustenance and survival, the instinctive urge to health and accumulated knowledge has guided us to discover certain remedies for common ailments from natural sources. For example, applying residual barley from chang (Tibetan wine) on swollen body parts, drinking hot water for indigestion, and using melted butter for bleeding are some of the therapies that arose from pratical experience and gradually formed the basis for the art of healing in Tibet. The Tibetan medical heritage is based on the book of the Four Tantras (rgyud-bzhi), which remains the fundamental medical text even today.Bon tradition. There is some evidence to suggest that several forms of medical practice existed at that time. More...

SORIG Hair oil
SORIG Hair oil

Pocket Diary 2015(WOOD-SHEEP YEAR)

Wall Calendar 2015 (WOOD-SHEEP YEAR )


A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Astrology
A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Astrology


Guru Padmasambhava Prayer Flag ( Set of 5 Rolls)
Guru Padmasambhava Prayer Flag ( Set of 5 Rolls)

Medicine Buddha Prayer Flag ( Single Roll of Five Colours)
Medicine Buddha Prayer Flag ( Single Roll of Five Colours)

SORIG  Health Tonic(Sachet)
SORIG Health Tonic(Sachet)

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